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Corina also studied, practices and teaches Visual Merchendising to business owners and retail sales students {FETAC  4}. 
She brings this knowledge (Colour psychology, market studies, visual language studies and best selling practices) into West Cork Decorative Artists' commercial work including Vastu (Feng Shui).  She teaches children, adult and special needs classes and workshops; Runs the White House Gallery and cafe on the Sheep's Head Peninsula, West Cork; Creates sculptures and fine art for comissions (Interior and exterior). Has worked in film, and throughout Ireland on design and decorative work.

Corina Thornton, company director & consultant, studied and practised her art techniques under a mentor for seven years.  Through daily practise and experimentation in decorative techniques, fine art (learning and application), exploration through many mediums, graphic work and design & after seven years dedication, she began her professional career in 1999.

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Corina works with some of the finest artists in West Cork and beyond to complete any job on schedule.

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